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Alison Noble, Head Teacher

"I hope you will enjoy your visit to our website. Sciennes is a school that values standards and achievement. We are extremely proud of our pupils at Sciennes who are supported in their learning by dedicated staff, working in partnership with parents. 

I encourage you to browse around our website and to add comments to our Guestbook. You will find details of school events, visitors and activities that serve to enliven the curriculum, alongside information about our after school clubs and extra curricular activities.

We continually seek to improve our website and would welcome your comments/suggestions. Moderated comments can be published on the website using the Guestbook button."

Staff and pupils have consulted to update our vision and aims.  

At Sciennes we will create an excellent educational environment of the highest quality which:
-        provides children with the necessary skills for life: Wisdom, Justice, Compassion and integrity
-        values and respects each individual
-        works in partnership for the good of all

-        Respect
-        Honesty
-        Rights and Responsibility
-        Quality
-        Equality
-        Kindness
-        Good manners
-        Forgiveness
-        Co-operation
-        Citizenship
At Sciennes Primary School, we aim to:
-        provide  positive and inspiring learning and teaching experiences ;
-        support our children to become; successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors;
-        promote achievement, attainment and creativity;
-        meet the needs of all learners;
-        demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement;
-        challenge and combat all barriers to equality and social justice;
-        work in partnership with parents; the school and wider community and value the contribution everyone makes;
-        encourage high quality leadership at all levels and
-        develop skills, knowledge, confidence and self-esteem
August 2010

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