Thursday, 3 April 2014

EPSSA Swim and Dive Gala 2014

Thank you to Mrs Beth Walker, our wonderful PE Specialist, for organising and compering the Swim and Dive Gala event for all city primary schools on Wednesday 2nd April 10am -12.30pm at the Royal Commonwealth Pool. It was a thoroughly enjoyable event for all 500 children competing. Thank you to all the families who lent their support and cheered everyone on. All our P7 swimmers swam really well in the Breaststroke, Backstroke and Front Crawl, managing to reach the Finals of the Breastroke and Front Crawl and narrowly missing a place in the Backstroke Final. Phoebe and Cerys in P6 competed very well in the Diving and Alistair in P6A performed superbly to achieve a Silver medal. 'A' and 'B' schools competed in the event and 'A' Schools results are shown below. ('A' schools are larger city schools. All primary schools have an EPSSA - Edinburgh Primary Schools Sports Association - number and ours is 70.)

William sports one of our new swimming caps. 

Thank you to Sciennes' parent Jacqui Wright for acquiring our new caps and to the PTA for funding.

Here is a message from Mrs Walker:

Thank you to all school staff, parents and coaches for bringing their teams to our fantastic Commonwealth Swim Relay and Dive Gala yesterday at the Royal Commonwealth Pool.

Thank you to all Active School Co-ordinators, Edinburgh College students, Edinburgh Leisure Top Up team, Tyrie and his starting team and Warrender Baths Club officials for their support on the poolside.  Thank you to all swim specialists for their trialling of teams and their continued hard work to provide swimming for all in the City.

The Commonwealth Baton comes to Edinburgh on Saturday 14th June!

Enjoy a well deserved holiday.

Kind regards

Beth Walker

Breaststroke A Final

Place School Time
1 James Gillespies 1.18.43
2 St Peter's 1.19.94
3 Craiglockhart 1.20.40
4 Wardie 1.21.08
5 Dean Park 1.22.37
6 Blackhall 1.22.56
7 Buckstone 1.22.84
8 Sciennes 1.24.60
9 Davidsons Mains 1.26.23

Backstroke A Final

Place School Time
1 Bonaly 1.07.70
2 Blackhall 1.08.16
3 Dean Park 1.09.44
4 James Gillespies 1.10.56
5 Crammond 1.14.12
6 Craiglockhart 1.15.47
7 East Craigs 1.17.05
8 Broughton 1.19.29
9 St Peters 1.19.55

Freestyle A Final

Place School Time
1 Dean Park 0.55.40
2 James Gillespies 0.56.84
3 East Craigs 0.58.68
4 Blackhall 1.01.33
5 Sciennes 1.01.92
6 Bonaly 1.02.23
7 Craiglockhart 1.02.22
8 Bruntsfield 1.02.74
9 Broughton 1.03.26

Diving Boys

Place Name School Time
1 Danny Liberton 112.80
2 Alistair Sciennes 107.40
3 Eddie Duddingston 106.00
4 Lachlan Liberton 100.45
5 Lachlan Duddingston 91.90
6 Finlay Longstone 88.70
7 Cameron Bonaly 83.05
8 Luke Wilson Royal High 82.20
9 Sebastian St Peters 67.50

Diving Girls

Place Name School Time
1 Ciara St Mary's 126.05
2 Ellen James Gillespie's 119.60
3 Anna Sth Morningside 118.75
4 Lauren St Catherine's 113.15
5 Lois James Gillespie's 112.30
6 Caitlyn Duddingston 111.25
7 Darcy Currie 104.35
8 Katie Buckstone 98.30
9 Anna St Catherine's 96.40
10 Phoebe Sciennes 92.65
11 Zoe Royal High 95.70
12 Cerys Sciennes 87.70
13 Jade Pentland 74.90
14 Faith St Peters 74.40
15 Lucia Sth Morningside 73.95
16 Demi Pentland 67.00

 It was lovely to see former Sciennes' Active Schools Co-ordinator Gael Logan presenting medals at the event. Gael is Captain of the Scottish Water Polo Team and is Commonwealth Games Legacy Manager.

Gael Logan

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